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The aromatized e-liquid is composed of Propylene Glycol,Vegetable Glycerine, Water, Alcohol and Food Flavorings,which is the fuel for your Electronic Cigarette.It is the heating of the liquid which produces the steam.The E-liquid is an aromatised mixture,composed of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine,and Aromatized Flavourings,which is the Petrol for your Electronic Cigarette.This liquid heats up which produces the steam.Vaping an E-Liquid which pleases you and corresponds to your tasteis essential as it plays an important role to simplify the passagefrom the Traditional Cigarette to an Electronic Cigarette.By consequence, the choice of your liquid is an importantelement as well as the type or choice of the Electronic Cigarette.

Following the material used and the rendering desired,there are 3 main factors to take into consideration:

The composition PG/VG(the proportion of Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerine)

The Dosage of Nicotine

The Aroma


The e-liquid for an Electronic Cigarette is composed of:A base, representing 80% to 90% of mixture composed of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine which both have characteristics to develop low temperatures.The Propylene Glycol (PG) is composed of flavourings which generate the fine steam and low light temperature. It serves as a flavour enhancer which fully restores perfectly the aromas. It fluids the mixture and associates the nicotine, favoring *The Hit*. The Hit is the sensation in the throat taken in by smokers, provoking the contraction of the Pharynx whilst the passage of the steam. It is well known in the Cosmetic, Medical and Food Industry.The Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is also composed of flavourings, Vaporised, this produces dense abundant steam, simultaneously perfect with the cigarette smoke. The light sweet taste is round which a slight kick of Propylene Glycol. The Vegetable Glycerine is composed naturally in a large variety of Food Products (Additive E422 in Europe) and does not present any danger to health when the correct amount is being used.The Aroma Flavourings represent 3 to 15% in E-Liquid. The aroma brings out the flavor in the e-liquid, it can be composed of natural aromatic materials, synthetic or a mixture of these two types. It tends to reproduce faithfully to desired flavour, whether it is a fruit, a drink, a gourmet or a complexed cocktail flavour.The nicotine however is in pure liquid form, obtained by the extraction of Tobacco leaves. It is an Alkaloid with a weak dose, has a stimulant effect and is rapidly eliminated by the organisms. The concentration of the nicotine included is between 0mg/ml to 18mg/ml depending on the choice of your dosage.

E-Liquid with a Predominance of Propylene Glycol: 80% PG / 20% VG and 70% PG / 30VG. These are the fluid e-liquids which procure the important hit and a satisfying quantity amount of steam. This mixture is to compensate the lack of steam and dehydrate the Propylene Glycol by the addition of Vegetable Glycerine. This base is perfect for beginners E-Liquid 50 PG/ 50 VG and 60 PG/ 40 VG: In our opinion the best compromise is to reunite the 2 products; Good conduction of aromas, satisfying hit, generous vape and light vicosity (to avoid rapid fouling of the material).

E-Liquid with Predominance of Vegetable Glycerine: 20 Pg / 80 VG, 10 PG / 90 VG, et 100% VG: The Glycerine produces alot of cloud and is very well simulated with the traditional cigarette. The steam produced by the e-liquid without Propylene Glycol is more dense and has a tendence to disperse in the air for a quite a while. The e-liquid VG does however alter a small part of the aroma (sweet taste) and the hit (sensation of the vape in the throat). This consomation is perfect for followers in Sub Ohm in search of large clouds who vape at a high volumes. Relatively viscous, the utilisation of e-liquids with a predominance of glycerine is necessarilly adapted for atomisers which do not tarnish and are capable of providing a substantial amount of e-liquid for the coil. Equally noted the glycerine purely heats above 250°C generating the acrolein, a substance which is found in the smoke of a tradtional cigarette known to be toxic and potentially cancerian.Glycerine = Dense and Abundant vape, Limite Hit, Aroma Alteration.E-Liquid 100% PG: Contrary the e-liquid VG, the Propylene Glycol is perfect for the aroma as they perfectly restituted. In association with the Nicotine, The Hit sensation in the throat is well presented. However the volume of the steam is very weak. Propylene = Volatile and Abundant Steam, Important Hit, Good Restitution of Aromas.

To determine the correct dosage of nicotine is not very easy, for a simple reason due to the diffusion of nicotine in the blood depending on the method of administration.For the smoke of a cigarette, each pull free’s into the blood stream a large quantity of nicotine which we call the shoot. The absorption of the nicotine is very rapid via the plumonary airways which produces the blood in the peaks with each concentrated pull of nicotine. It only takes 7 seconds, sufficient enough for the route of the nicotine from mouth to brain.On the contrary the nicotine administrated by an electronic cigarette is done predominantly through the oral mucosa. The airways represent 15% of assimilation. The assimilation of the nicotine inhaled by the biais is weaker and diffuses more (without the concentration peaks) than a classical cigarette.

It acts on the *hit*contracting the throat via the passage of the vape: The stronger the dosage of nicotine, the more you feel the *hit* in the throat. In reverse to this, the absence of nicotine, will not produce any sensation in the throat. The Hit which replicates the sensation of smoking, is therefore an important factor with the choice of nicotine in the E-liquid.It fills the lack felt in the first few days: Another important point for the success of tobacco is to have a permanent dose of nicotine in the blood. The nicotine inhaled is 5 to 10 times lower than a conventional cigarette. It will take time to get used to this, so do not worry if you vape all the time for the first few days. In time your consummation will decrease to a regular speed. In effect, the nicotine has limited addictive power, its combination with other chemical products in cigarette smoke such as alkaloids which provoke the addiction.

To choose the correct nicotine/dosage level, it depends on your feeling which will guide you:To know which liquid you will choose, we inform you that the E-liquids we sell propose 4 levels of nicotine: 0mg/ml, 6mg/ml, 11-12mg/ml, and 16-18mg/ml

  • If you are strongly dependent on nicotine, we advise you to choose an E-liquid with a nicotine level of 16mg/ml to 18mg/ml to begin with associated with powerful, variable voltage electronic cigarette which will allow you to increase the amount of vapor and hit in the throat.
  • If you are moderately dependent on nicotine, we advise you to choose an E-liquid with a nicotine level of 11 to 12mg/ml, and to begin with, just in case a “support” dosage of 18mg in nicotine.
  • If you are weakly dependent on nicotine we advise you to choose an E-liquid with a nicotine level from 6mg, and to begin with, just in case a “support” dosage of 11 or 12mg in nicotine.
  • If you are not dependent on nicotine we advise you to choose an E-liquid without nicotine, and just in case if needed a “support” dosage of 6 to 12mg in nicotine.

The nicotine is a low dosage alkaloid stimulant, quickly eliminated in the body, but highly toxic and can generate a dependency in case of regular consummation.  The utilization of e-liquids with a nicotine dosage is strongly discouraged if you are a non-smoker, pregnant breast-feeding or if your present risks/signs of serious cardiovascular illness.Be aware for signs of Nicotine Overdosing: Headaches, Nausea, Vomiting… In case of these symptoms, stop immediately all consummation of Nicotine and consult a doctor.In case of contact with skin, rinse immediately with water.In case of accidental Ingestion, call the Poison Control Center near your area. Preserve your e-liquids in a dry and fresh area, away from light. Finally , never leave your Electronic Cigarette or E-Liquids in the presence of children.

The choice of e-liquid is essential when starting in vape. Vaping an e-liquid which pleases you with the correct nicotine rate, will easily help you change from the traditional cigarette to an E-Cig.

The proverb “Taste and Colours, is not up for discussion” An e-liquid which is adored by one is not necessarily favoured by the other.  It is up to you to choose your preference. In material, there is no question. Follow your preferences, your needs and do not hesitate to taste different flavours according to your pleasure throughout the day.

There exists more than 100 different flavours of e-liquid, consisting of Tobacco, Mint, Strawberry, Peach or Candy flavors, you will certainly find an e-liquid which will correspond to your needs.

Evidently, a new vaper will search for taste close to a tobacco flavor. Certain e-liquids without Propylene Glycol, liquids with Vegetable Glycerine have better success imitating certain major characteristics  of a real cigarette, however will not reproduce the same taste in combustion: Do not wait to expect to find the same taste as a “regular cigarette”. The taste buds will become normal, taste will turn towards e-liquid more exotic, gourmet and spicy… A new universe, sensitive and tasteful which will open up to you. Make the most of it.!!

Even if all vapers do not start with tobacco flavoured e-liquid, there however remains a large majority. In all logic we hope to get the same sensation as a real cigarette, and finish by progressively parting by weariness or by curiosity. Our selection (see below) offers condensed approved liquids by consummators of electronic cigarettes.

You now have the option to choose new liquids, vary the pleasure to find your “all day” (the liquid which you vape the most).

Five families of aroma for the destined e-liquid:

  • Tobacco – Liquids with Tobacco Aroma
  • Fruity Flavours – Liquids with a Fruity Flavour
  • Drink Flavours – Liquids with a Drink Flavour
  • Mint Flavours – Liquids with Mint Aroma
  • Gourmet Flavours – Liquids with Gourmet Aromas

It is advised to have at least 2 different types of flavoured liquids so you do not get tired of the same liquids and do not bore your taste buds. This is what could lead to the resumption of smoking. You can be guided by the different comments left by other consummators.

We can talk about estimation, the consummation varies following the material used, the duration, the frequency and the mode of inspiration. The number of cigarettes smoked per day can give you an indication of your daily dosage of e-liquid necessary. A ratio derives the experience and is validated by the vapers, 2.25ml of e-liquid for 1 pack of 20 cigarettes. A 10ml vial of e-liquid equals 4.5 packets of cigarettes. This ratio is variable by the vaporisation system used in your e-cigarette but with a indicated title, for a former smoker who consumes 20 cigarettes per day for a 10ml vial during 4 to 5 days.

The cough following a puff from the Electronic Cigarette can be caused:

  • A bad inspiration technique

The contrary of a traditional cigarette, the inspiration must be soft and long (3 to 4 seconds). The inspiration fast and strong can cause the cough.

  • A proportion of Propylene Glycol is important in your e-liquid:

The e-liquid rich in Propylene Glycol dries the mucus and increases the hit in the throat which could be responsible for the irritation and favorites the cough. In this case it is advised, e-liquids with less Propylene Glycol and more Vegetable Glycerine which brings more roundness and softness whilst the passage of vape in the throat.

  • A concentration too high in nicotine. Over dosed nicotine can irritate the mucus and be sensitive. The lower the rate of nicotine of your e-liquid should resolve the problem.

This missing sensation comes from the addiction of nicotine. The missing effect is caused by 2 factors:

  • The rate of nicotine too low. In this case do not hesitate to increase the rate of nicotine and decrease later when your organisms are ready.
  • A bad utilisation: Passing over to the Electronic Cigarette your habit of inhaling must be adjusted. With the cigarette there is no combustion. It is necessary to inhale strongly. Inhaling slowly for a minimum of 4 seconds, the time the nicotine integrates your organisms. And do not hesitate to vape regularly. The missing sensation will progressively disappear.

Yes, and it is advised to do this. With the vape well adapted to your preference at the beginning, the missing sensation of nicotine will space out over time. Before re-programming our organism, you will be able to decrease progressively your rate of nicotine. Be careful, do not skip any steps, if you decrease your rate of nicotine rapidly you will increase the consummation of your e-liquid and finally the same quantity of nicotine consumed.

An excess of vaping or rate of nicotine too high for your preference can cause nicotine over dose. The nicotine is a stimulant, and in case an overdose of nicotine it can cause headaches, tachycardia, nervousness and trouble sleeping. In case of these symptoms immediately stop all consummation of nicotine and consult your doctor.

The hit is the scraping sensation in the throat dear to smoking. This sensation is produced by the nicotine of the liquid but also the Propylene Glycol. By playing with these two variables we can increase the hit. For example by choosing e-liquids with a predominance of Propylene Glycol (E.g.: 80% PG/ 20% VG) for the same rate in nicotine you will have more hit with the e-liquid composed in 50% PG / 50% VG. The same, an e-liquid dosage of 18mg/ml provides more hit with the same dosage of 12mg/ml in nicotine.

Vaping the same e-liquid can become tiring of vape and bore the taste buds which does not distinguish the refinement of liquid. The risk of weariness provokes the return towards the traditional cigarette

It all depends which effect you are searching for. The Propylene Glycol favours the hit and respects the flavours of liquids. The Vegetable Glycerine favours the production of the vape. A liquid with an equal proportion of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine (50% PG/ 50% VG) is a good compromise between flavour and vape

This is a liquid which does not contain Propylene Glycol. The dosage of Vegetable Glyceine is 100%. This liquid is chosen for the large production of vape.

It is absolutely possible to mix many e-liquids.

BBD corresponds to the Best Before Date; past this date the manufacturer does not guarantee the organoleptic of the e-liquid. It is preferably to use the liquid before the end date indicated. However, it can be consumed after the date if the e-liquid preserves appearance (no change in colour, and precipitates) the smell and taste.

The best before date is not an expiration date for the consumption of the e-liquid. The liquid does not become harmful after this date, but it will lose its quality. The Glycerine and Propylene have a DLC of 3 years; The nicotine 5 years. The aroma, will age less especially if it is stored in plain daylight. Certain aromas lose their flavour after 12 to 18 months. This is why the manufacturers indicate the BBD of generally 1 year. The liquids are therefore consumable after the BBD.The initials must not be confused with DLC (Date Consumption Limit) which can present, after the expiration date can be dangerous to health.

To conserve the liquid in the best conditions, it is advised to store your e-liquid away from direct light, keep it stored in a dry place and at room temperature, ideally at 18° to 20°. Keep away from children.
To store in refrigerator is strongly discouraged as certain liquids are subject to crystallisation at an inferior temperature of 10°C.

The natural aromas have a preference for cool temperatures and can be conserved between 14°C to 18°C.

Once the vial has been opened, be sure to close the vial to avoid contact with air. In these conditions, the conservation of liquid remains unchanged. It is therefore advised to consume the liquid in the following month once opened to guarantee optimal freshness.

Concerning the conservation in atomisers and clearomisers, it is advised to consume the content under 1 week after the filling, as the contact of air is important in these types of reservoirs (tank) and the liquid oxides rapidly.


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